Rabbit Series



Fleur Palau



Fleur Palau is a contemporary realist painter whose whimsical theme of rabbits in Italian landscape verges on the surreal. Rich color and tone predominate, the compositions take on a dynamic tension as the artist creates a world tht evokes elements of the human condition. States of being and emotion are explored in a world that is real and unreal at the same time. It is an examination of our interior life set off against the antique world of cypress trees, empty houses and ambiguous paths of no return.

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Corot Rabbit
Rambling Under the Apuan Alps 15x20
Creation 22"x24"
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Roberto Rabbit Leaves Home oil on canvas
Stormy Weather
Flowers for Paris 38"x28"
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Flying ove Delf 52"x34"
Leaping Among the Orchids 15"x20"
Meeting at Home 22"x24"
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Resting 24"x27"
The Lesson 37"x27"
The Picnic 37"x27"
Water for Life oil on canvas  36"x42"